Hi I’m Michael,

I served as a US Navy Top Secret Radioman during the Cold War in the Arctic Circle.  I have friends and family that are veterans.  Veterans tend to gravitate towards each other.  There is a unique way of speaking – love of country and our fellow vets.

I had a friend who served in Vietnam.  This is his story.  He was in the Air Force and was making drops off planes.  One day he was given loads of a defoliant chemical called Agent Orange.  He asked his superiors if this chemical was harmful to the guys down below.  They told him, “No.”  On his first run, he dumped the chemical and watched the jungle below defoliate in SECONDS.  He said to himself, “How can this not be harmful to humans.”

Years later, he found out what the effect was to his fellow vets.  He became an alcoholic.  My friend went to Alcoholic Anonymous meetings drunk, causing others to cry and him to laugh.

When I met my friend, he was off the alcohol.  The psychological ramifications of Agent Orange were gone.  But now the pathological effects were taking over.  I met him for lunch one day.  He pulled up his trouser leg and said, “Does this look normal?”  An artery in one of his legs swelled up black and ran from his inner thigh down to his ankle – where a big sack like bulb had formed.

I tried to reach him for two years after that.  I never saw him again.

Veterans need alternative medicine.  No veteran wants to hear, “There’s nothing else we can do.”

I specialize but am not limited to reaching Veteran prospects.  Let me know if you are interested in using my writing services by going to Contacts and filling out the form with your information before my schedule fills up.